Happy Easter!

When is Easter?

復活祭。キリスト教のお祭りの一つ。キリストがGood Fridayにいなくなってから、三日後の日曜日に復活したことを祝う行事。キリストの復活を思い出す宗派によって異なるが、南半球の場合秋分の次の満月が出た週の日曜に充てられることが多い(3月21日〜4月24日の間)
Easter is a Christian event remembering Christ’s death on Good Friday and his resurrection on Sunday, 3 days later. Celebrating Christ’s resurrection differs by religion, but it mostly happens with the full moon following the Autumn Equinox (for us in the southern hemisphere) which is between the 21st March to the 24th April.


The Easter Egg

復活祭に登場するカラフルな卵。photo 1

How about those colourful eggs that appears during Easter? Just like a chick breaking through their eggshell and entering the world, in Christianity the breaking of the eggshell also symbolises the end of death and a new life.


The Easter Bunny

photo 2イースターエッグを運んでくる存在とされている。

日本ではあまり知られていないイースターの意味。調べてみると、いろんな説があり面白かった。オーストラリアではGood Friday,Easter Saturday,Sunday,Mondayと4連休になることが多い。ということで、Bay Road Hair Studioも4日間のお休みをいただきます!!みなさんはイースターに何をしますか?

The Easter Bunny is here to bring Easter Eggs. On Easter Day, the Easter Bunny goes into the forest and hides the coloured eggs. Right at the time when the children find the eggs the Easter Bunny would jump out, leading to the tale that bunnies lay eggs…

In Japan, Easter isn’t that well known. When you look it up, there are many intriguing explanations. In Australia, it’s usual to have a 4 day holiday – Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday and so Bay Road Hair Studio is also closed during the Easter Holidays.

What are your plans for Easter?


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