Hats On, Hats Off – Quick Styling Technique

Front Side Braiding with Hat

DIY Quick Styling – Front Side Braiding

Come Autumn and Winter, there are many occasions to be putting on a hat, but in Australia you often remove your hat when inside a building (unlike back in Japan where you tend to just leave your hat on). So in this blog we’re going to introduce a simple 5 min quick front-side braid that looks lovely whether you happen to have your hat on or off.

自分でできるかわいいクイックスタイル (表編み込み)


Technique 技術

Part your hair in the ratio 3:2 and use the bigger part (3) to braid.


Front Side Braiding

Front Side Braiding Front Side Braiding Front Side Braiding






Stop braiding when you get to just about the back of your ears and just close it off with a hair tie accessory.


Hair Accessory

Even if you have a hat on you can see the hair accessory, which gives it a sweet and lovely looking style. Another benefit is that it also greatly reduces the chance of you having hat hair when you take your hat off.


Front Side Braiding with HatFront Side Braiding with HatFront Side Braiding with Hat Front Side Braiding with Hat






It’s easy to achieve this style if your hair length goes down to your shoulders.


Practice Makes Perfect 練習すれば練習するほど上手になれる

If you would like us to show you in person, we’ll be more than happy to include a free lesson with your next booking (if you are interested, be sure to mention it with your booking so that we include a little bit more time in your appointment).


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