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Our first blog and it’s about Vidal Sassoon. We’ll try our best to write it in both English and Japanese. Here it goes!

Vidal Sassoon The Movie

There are few people who don’t know his name. To most in my generation (born in the 1980s), Vidal Sassoon is just a brand of hair products that sits on supermarket shelves. I don’t think many of us know about the man behind that brand, Vidal Sassoon himself, and his story has now been made into a movie.

A god-like figure, he made a huge impact on hairdressing in the 1960s. His challenge to the way things have always been done, and his creativity to draw inspiration for hairdressing from other design fields such as architecture were ground breaking at the time such as the Five Point and Techno Cut.  It’s astonishing to look back on his skill, philosophy and accomplishments. His skill is of course well known (amongst hairdressers). It’s indeed rare to come across such a magnetic figure. Even into his 80s, he still moved with agility and style, and with good looks. I think his story will endure for many years to come and having watched the film, it has inspired me to enjoy hairdressing even more. If you like biopics, I highly recommend this movie!







Trailer in English with Japanese subtitles(予告編)


Official Movie Website



Vidal Sassoon Blog Bay Road Hair Studio

Photographer Michael Gordon. Art work by Steve Hiett.
(courtesy of IF YOU KNEW, LLC)


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