Autumn, The Point of Colour

This is Akiho from Bay Road Hair Studio!

Ultraviolet Light 紫外線

Did you enjoy summer? Sydney indeed has many wonderful places – beaches, parties, BBQs and Parks!! There are tons of places that I want to go, however it hasn’t even been 3 months since I’ve arrived in Sydney and I’ve been getting a bit burnt from being outside a bit too much… I now realise how necessary it is to avoid sunburn in Australia. Ultraviolet light not only impacts on your skin, but also your hair. Now that summer has passed, do you not get the sense that your hair colour is a little lighter? It’s not due to your skin being darker from the summer weather… It’s due to the ultraviolet light. However… it’s now trendy Autumn!!

皆さん、sydneyの夏をたのしみましたか?Sydneyは素敵な場所がたくさんありますよね。!!  まだまだ私は行きたいところがいっぱいです。ところが、Sydneyに来てまだ3か月の私も、外に出すぎて腕が真っ黒です。。。Australiaには、特に日焼け対策が必要だと身をもって感じました。紫外線は、お肌だけでなく髪の毛にも影響を及ぼします。夏が過ぎて、髪の色が明るく感じていませんか?お肌が黒くなったせいではありませんよー。紫外線なんです。でも、、、おしゃれの秋!!


Autumn Colours 紅葉

Why not enjoy Autumn with some hair colour? In this article, I’ll be talking about an Autumn style and finish I did for our model, Akane who I miraculously met here in Sydney.

髪色から一緒に秋を楽しみませんか? 今回は、Sydneyで奇跡的に出逢ったモデルのAkaneさんを秋スタイルに仕上げてみました。

Akane at Bay Road Hair Studio 35

I picked up on the model’s white skin and designed a red / brown low light (using foilwork). By putting in a bit of red, it adds an expression that is slightly warm and lustrous. I recommend this for people who have coloured their hair many times over, or want their hair to be a little bit dark but not too dark. In this way you can change the attitude of your hair, without having to do a full colour.

モデルさんの白いお肌を活かして、red brownを使ったローライトでデザインしました。赤みを入れることで、少し艶っぽくあったかさを表現。全体を染めずに雰囲気を変えることができるので、カラーを何度も重ねてしまった髪、あまり暗くはしたくないけれど少し髪色を抑えたい方にはお勧めします。


Point Colour

The first style uses a curling iron to achieve a formal style, and features lowlights around the faceline and fringe areas.


Akane at Bay Road Hair Studio 33Akane at Bay Road Hair Studio 34

The second is a Yurufuwa (loose and fluffy) upstyle. The lowlights have also been put on the underside of the hair (facing the nape) and so when put it into an upstyle you can see that it gives a subtle sweetness.

二つ目のstyleは、ゆるふわupstyle. アンダーに入っているローライトがさりげなくかわいいんです。

Akane at Bay Road Hair Studio 39

Akane at Bay Road Hair Studio 46

Why not enjoy Autumn by adding some Point Colour Lowlights! Please always feel free to come to the salon for a consultation.

皆さんも一緒にpoint colourで、新しい秋を楽しみましょうー!ご来店の際は、いつでも無料ご相談くださいね。

autumn leaf

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