Autumn Colours in the Mountains

Mt Wilson Gardens

Hi There, This is Kana from Bay Road Hair Studio. Since summer ended, it’s really around now that you feel the chill. The other day I went to Mount Wilson in the Blue Mountains, which is about 2 hours by car from Sydney City.

こんにちは。Bay Road Hair StudioのKanaです。夏も終わりだんだんと秋の肌寒さを感じる今日この頃です。先日、シドニーのシティーから車で2時間ほどのブルーマウンテンにある『マウントウィルソン』という場所にドライブに行ってきました。

Autumn Colour Hair

Breenhold Gardens, Mt Wilson

I got wind of some information about the Aquarids meteor shower, so the first destination was actually to go for a drive out to the countryside where the city lights aren’t too bright. In good spirits, I got up at 4am and looked up at the sky but… unfortunately it was about 80% cloud. Thinking that it might clear up an hour later, I got up again at 5am but… it was still all clouds. Even though I was disappointed, I enjoyed my 2nd sleep♪.


Maple Leaf in Autumn

Practising Taking Photos

The next morning, the clouds had completed disappeared and so I went to Mount Wilson to enjoy the Autumn colours on a bright and sunny 24℃ Autumn day. Due to the high altitude, the climate is quite different, and so wearing a down jacket turned out to be a good decision. It was fantastic walking around and looking at the Autumn colours while breathing in tons of air containing negative ions.


Autumn Leaves Colour Maple

Autumn Leaves in Mt Wilson

My dog Yoshi also looked to be having a great time running around in the nature.  I also got to practice some photography. In a similar way to the charm of Sakura viewing in Japan, the Autumn colours in Sydney are fantastic.


Mt Wilson Gardens

Yoshi also enjoyed visiting the gardens in Mt Wilson

Going on drives reminds me that indeed Australia is such a massive country. One time, feeling hungry, we finally discovered a Macca’s signboard that said 70kms ahead… That’s ages away…


I wonder where I’ll go next… 次はどこへ行こうかなー。

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