The Aluminium Foil Twist (アルミホイルで作るくるくるヘアー)


The Aluminium Foil Twist (アルミホイルで作るくるくるヘアー)

Hi Everyone, You can make your hair curly just like a doll by using aluminium foil! Just make blocks of hair, parted like the back of a turtle. Just twist, and twist, and twist the hair from the roots. Wrap aluminium foil over it to prevent the hair from bouncing back to being straight.


When you’ve twisted them all, heat them up one-by-one using a hair dryer until hot (but not burning hot) and wait 10mins for it to cool (you can also apply heat by clamping the aluminium foil with a straightening iron).



When you take off the aluminium foil, it comes out like this.



You then loosen up the hair and by keeping things in balance, arrange your hair using a hair pin. In this instance, I put it into a kind of bob and held it with hairspray.



Enjoy everyday even more with different styles ♪♪

いろんなスタイルチェンジでもっと毎日を楽しみましょう ♪♪


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