Behind the scenes: Glamorous fashion photoshoot at Bay Road Hair Studio

Hair makeup fashion photography

Band of Artists – a fashion buyer, a makeup artist, a hair stylist, a model, a handbag designer, and a photographer


Katya (a Russian model),  hair & makeup artist Hanae, photographer Ajeya and myself as the hairstylist, decided to collaborate and put together this photoshoot.


Katya is a dynamic model from Russia. She’s glamarous from the outset but when she’s working as a model, she snaps into her super sharp look.


Hanae was introduced to me by one of my clients and she’s a brilliant makeup artist. She teaches makeup artistry back in Japan and is super busy travelling back and forth between Sydney and Japan. She also wears two hats, the other which is her  job as a fashion buyer where she uses her knowledge to acquire amazing garments from around the world.

そんな二人と撮った作品をご紹介します。I’ll take you through the hair styling and makeup work we produced.


On this occasion we made 4 creative patterns but each with a completely different feel.

1.  Natural, Nudie, Neutral


2.  Pink, Flower, Curly


3.  Red, Strong, Sexy


4.  Freedom, Fluffy, Wind


撮影は美容室内と屋外(BP Park Waverton) にて行いました。

We took the photos in the salon and outside in the BP Park Waverton.


The weather was fabulous, and everyone worked well together. I have to give a big thanks to photographer Ajeya and my husband Jason. And also Yoshi the Dog!


This time round, the photoshoot is with a professional model, but actually there is a model in everyone of us. If you want to try out being a model, please contact us! It might be for any number of reasons, not limited to:

  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Memories
  • Experience Modelling


from $240 (inc. make-up, hair, photoshoot) – visit website

写真に写っているかばんはKatyaが立ち上げているMosqitoというオリジナルブランドですべてHand madeです。The bags in the photos are hand made by Katya’s startup byMosquito. Check out her online store:

Hanaeさんのブログも紹介しておきます。Here’s Hanae’s Blog:

Ajeyaさんの写真プロファイルもシェアします!Here’s Ajeya’s portfolio:

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