Driving around the Apple Isle, Tasmania


It’s been a long time between blogs… It’s been busy but I’ve managed to squeeze in some time off and thought I’d share my experience of spending 3nights 4days in Tasmania with this travel blog.

Here’s the itinerary:

1日目 )シドニーから直行便で1時間半、ロンセストン空港に到着。

1st day)   Flew to Launceston Airport from Sydney which takes about 1.5 hrs



Rented a convertible car – thought it might be a better kind of car for enjoying the nature

James Boags Brewery

James Boags Beer Brewery(オーストラリアで有名なビールの工場)へ90分のツアーで工場見学、そして3種のビール試飲とそれに合わせたチーズ付き☆

First stop was at the James Boags Beer Brewery. 90mins tours included 3kinds of tap beer and matching cheeses.


Bichenoに到着し、「Sea Life Centre」という海沿いのレストランで美味しすぎる牡蠣と人生で一番美味しいシーフードチャウダーとワインを堪能

Arrived a Bicheno and had a wonderful oyster and I had  best seafood chowder ever in my life with wine at the Sea Life Centre by the sea.



Around 8pm, we watched wild penguins on the way to their home from the beach. Their are so clumsy and super cute.


2日目 )Cradle Mountainへ向かってドライブ

2nd day ) Driving to Cradle Mountain



Stopped in Ross and had lunch at the bakery that inspired “Kiki’s Delivery Service”(Famous Japanese Animation – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097814/)


Cradle Mountain へ到着し、雪の中写真を撮りまくる。

Arrived at Cradle Mountain and took pictures in light snow.


Cradle Mountain Lodgeへ宿泊。暖炉のある素敵なお部屋でくつろぎ、宿泊先の周りを散策。

Stayed at Cradle Mountain Lodge. Relaxed in the room with fireplace and in the nature surrounding the cabins.

Cradle Mountain Lodge


Enjoyed a nice dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.


3日目 )Hobartへ向かってドライブ

3rd day) Driving to Hobart


途中、ワイナリーへ立寄り、美味しいワインをゲット タスマニアには美味しいピノノアがあることを発見!Queenstownへ立寄り、ランチに美味しいカレー風味ホタテのパイを食べる。これはタスマニアの名物パイらしい

Stopped over at a few vineyards and bought some tasty wines. Tasmania makes some great pinot noirs! Went to Queenstown and had a curry scallop pie, which seems to be the signature local dish in Tasmania.


牛と馬と羊を見ながら、ひたすらドライブ。くもの隙間から大きな虹。Hobartに到着し、海賊風のインテリアのレストラン(Drunken Admiral)でシーフード三昧、またまた牡蠣と海鮮チャウダーを頼みました。

Driving through lots of scenic nature with many many cows and horses, sheeps. A huge rainbow appeared through a gap in the clouds. Arrived at Hobart and had seafood at a restaurant fitted out in pirate style called the Drunken Admiral, enjoying oysters and real seafood chowder.


4日目 )

4th day )


Hobartの街を散策。可愛いカフェで朝ご飯 (名前を忘れてしまったけど、サラマンカマーケットの近く)。Whisky Distillery(Lark) でテイスティング。ラム酒とウィスキーと専用のグラスを購入。

Walking around town in Hobart. Breakfast at a cosy cafe in Salamanca. Went to a whisky distillery called Lark and did the tasting course. Ended up buying some whisky and rum and glasses for it.



Went to MONA museum and had lunch at cafe inside. This Museum has not only Pictures, many kinds of material and interesting things and which became my favourite museum.



レンタカーを返しにLauncestonへ向かってひたすらドライブ。シドニーへ22時半到着。そして次の日からもちろん出勤。という感じで弾丸なタスマニア旅行をする方への参考までに。大自然とシーフード, ビールやワインを楽しめるタスマニアは素敵なところでした

Drove back to Launceston to return the car. Arrived at Sydney at 10:30pm. Back to work next day of course… Hope this helps anyone planning a trip to Tasmania with this short itinerary. Tasmania is great for relaxing in deep nature and enjoying great seafood, beer and wine



☆ I have still many spots I want to go so hopefully next visiting would be longer holiday…


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