Happy CNY 2015

先週末は天気も良くて、シドニーの街中ではChinese New Yearのイベントがあちこちで行われているので、午後4時から1週間ほど開催されるLunar Marketに行って来ました。

Last week, the weather was so nice and there are Chinese New Year Events in many places in Sydney so I went to the Lunar Market which has been held for 1 week from 4pm every nights.

Lunar Market Balloon

場所はStar City(カジノ)の前にあるPyrmont Bay Park。大勢の人で賑わっていました。
The place was Pyrmont Bay Park in front of Star City. It was very crowded with many people.


I bought some food in street stalls eat and drink Sapporo beer under the sunshine. It was great★

Walking the Luna Markets

Most impressive thing was “Moutai”, which is sort of like a Chinese version of Vodka. It is more than 50 degrees, so it is very strong alcohol. The extraordinary taste is quite hard to explain. Anyway super strong!!


Batlow Cider

We got drive home safely and Yoshi was also satisfied with getting a long walk and fell into a deep sleep.


Wondering how much longer we have to enjoy the rest of summer this year…

Grow from a Pier


Date 12-22 Feb

Open Mon-Wed 5pm-9pm; Thu, Fri 5-10pm; Sat 4-10pm; Sun 4-9pm

Map of Lunar Market



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