Sashimi Shinsen Gumi

先日、Crows nest Plazaの中にある『さしみ新鮮組』というお店でスタッフTakashiと旦那さんとお友達の7人とディナーに行ってきました。

I went for dinner at a shop in Crows Nest called “Sashimi Shinsen Gumi” with my friends, Takashi and my husband – 7 people all up.



It normally operates as a small shop selling sashimi so it’s not a restaurant, but they do a special sushi dinner for groups over 5 people.

Salmon Sushi


It’s incredibly fresh and tasty.



Mr Matsui, the Sushi Master shapes the sushi one by one and places it on each of our wooden plates.


クエから始まり、マグロやヒラマサ、ウニ、サーモン、鯛、エビetc… 鮭のあら汁と厚焼きふわふわ卵焼きに、最後は緑茶ときな粉餅。お腹いっぱいで身も心も大満足でした。

It started with the grouper fish, and then moved on to tuna, kingfish, sea urchin, salmon, snapper, prawns and more! We also got salmon broth, and thick fluffy pan fried egg , and finally green tea and kinako (roasted soybean flour) mochi. My stomach was full, and my body and soul was super content.



Do the photographs communicate the delicious flavours? As it’s BYO, we brought our own Japanese sake. Sushi and Japanese sake is the best combination★


シドニーでお寿司を食べたいなら絶対ココがお勧め。1日一組限定なので、優しいマスターと奥様との会話も十分楽しめ、お魚の知識も増えました。値段も$55/ppととてもリーズナブル。『ここは月1で来たいね!』とみんな大満足でした。お店のwebsiteなどはなく、口コミで広がっているお店なので、Bay Road Hair Studioのブログを見た!っと言って、ぜひ行ってみてくださいね!

If you want to have sushi in Sydney, I completely and utterly highly recommend this place. With only one group per day there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had speaking to the friendly Mr & Mrs Matsui, and also increased our knowledge about fish. At $55 the price is quite reasonable. Everyone who came were very satisfied saying, “I’d be great to come every month!” With no website, this shop thrives on word of mouth and so if you do go, please say you found them through the Bay Road Hair Studio Blog!

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Shop 10, Crows Nest Plaza
103 Willoughby Rd., Crows Nest
Thu-Sat  11:00-19:00
Sun  12:00-19:00

To make a booking call Mr Matsui on 0402359697

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