St Patrick’s Day!


Since we’re crazy about clovers we’ll be celebrating St Patrick’s Day too.

The symbol for St Patrick’s Day is the Shamrock, which is of the 3 leaf clover variety. When asking a friend from Ireland about changing the colour of our four leaf clover logo over to green for St Patrick’s Day, he told us that although the 3 leaf is normal, the 4 leaf also counts because they are rare (approximately 1 in 10,000) and considered lucky. To make it all work out we made 3 green and 1 clover our beloved orange colour (which is also an Irish colour).

If you’re interested in the celebrations happening in town today, have a look at the Sydney St Patrick’s Day website.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!





もしシドニーのセントパトリックデーのイベントに興味があれば、こちらへ → Sydney St Patrick’s Day website

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

Irish Clover (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Four Leaf Clover Former BP Site Waverton Bay Road Hair Studio

4 leaf clovers collected near Bay Road Hair Studio at the Former BP Site, Waverton

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