New members to the Bay Road Hair Studio Family!



I have been in maternity leave since a beginning of October, the salon has been running by 2 amazing hairdressers, Azuki and Yoshimi.



Azuki has been living in Australia for over 15 years and has one child, she is good at making elegant and mature hair style, she is also very talkative and will make you joyful.



Yoshimi worked more than 10 years in the Nagoya area of Japan and she came to Sydney for working holiday to learn English and Western hairstyle. She is very fashionable and good at arranging own hair like Upstyle so I like watching her style each time.



Thanks to Yoshimi and Azuki, I’ve been able to have a healthy baby girl! When she’s old enough I’d like to bring her to the salon.


引き続きBay Road Hair Studioをよろしくお願いします!

Thank you for continuing to support Bay Road Hair Studio!

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